Do you give quotes over the phone?
Yes. As some repairs are very common our office staff can give you a quote over the phone.

Do you paint windows?

Do I need to be home all day to have a repair done?
No., we try to give a 3 hour window for all service jobs.

Can all windows/doors be repaired?
No. Sometimes the condition of the window is beyond repair. Also, some windows eg: Naco or Tramcar – we can no longer source parts for these windows. Dayview parts are very limited.

How competitive are your prices?
To stay in business for 20 years you have to be competitive but please remember: The lowest price is not always the best value for money. A good price is one where you are receiving quality products, expert installation and a strong guarantee.

Can sliding doors be reversed?
Yes, but not all doors.

I have a timber sash that has been damaged by cockatoos – can you help?
Yes, this is a common problem in some areas. We are able to supply a new sash thus saving you from having to replace the whole window.

Can I bring my window to you to be repaired?
No. All our parts are on the trucks, and the trucks are usually out every day.

My doors are difficult to slide – do I need special wheels?
Possibly. Not all wheels are the same. There are many different types. Eg: stainless steel, different cage sizes or wheel diameters

Can I spray the wheels with WD40?
No. This will not alter the condition of the wheels. If the wheels are not replaced when required they will eventually chew out the track and make the repair more expensive.

If the track is worn out, can it be replaced?
Sometimes. It depends on the age of the door. If the track is no longer available we are often able to cut out the damaged track on the sill section and replace it with a length of track we have securing it to the sill section.

Our existing exterior window frames are rusted or corroded. Can they be cleaned or painted?
Yes in most instances, although we do not paint windows, contact your local painter for more information.

Can I put thicker glass in my windows to reduce outside noise?
It depends on the window but most times the frame will not allow the thicker glass to be fitted correctly into the frame sections. In the case of a double hung window, it creates a problem with the increased weight of the glass and the balances will often not hold the window open.

Do you sell parts?
Unfortunately, we do not sell directly to consumers, however we can often refer you to someone in your area.

Do you sell/install new window/doors?
No, we only repair existing windows/doors.

Do you offer an after hours or emergency service?
Unfortunately, we are unable to offer after hours service but we do try to help out with emergencies during normal hours. We operate on a first in first served basis.