Strata Managers

We provide service for Strata:-

It is very important to have the knowledge and understanding that the age of the complex can denote what areas are covered under strata and what is the owner’s responsibility. Communication is also important between us and the strata managers. We understand that replacing windows/doors in a block of units is a very expensive exercise and that they need to be maintained to a level to preserve their life, without blowing out the budget as set by the Body Corporate.

We have been servicing some complexes for so many years we know the windows & doors in them and what parts are required before we even arrive. Occasionally, components for older windows/doors are no longer available. Where possible, we have the facilities to manufacture parts that will enable the window/door to be repaired. When a work order is received the tenant/owner (where ever possible) is contacted within 24 hours. We know that most people have to juggle their work commitments to fit in a repair. We try to allow for this as much as possible. We are a family based business and we offer the same service no matter what the size of the job. Whether we are repairing one window or doing the entire complex.

Due to WHS regulations are servicemen are not permitted to remove their shoes, but take precautions to treat homes as we would our own. We use ground sheets to cover carpet where ever possible and always clean up and take away any mess we may need to make to do the repair.

We are fully licensed and have all the required insurances.

If you manage strata buildings contact us – You won’t be disappointed.